Carrie is the most knowledgeable, kind, compassionate and consistently available practitioner I have consulted for my daughter’s care. Within three days of beginning the ketogenic diet, my daughter’s seizures stopped. Carrie has helped me maintain the diet for six years now with very limited breakthrough seizures and most importantly, no side effects or detriment to other areas of my daughter’s health. Carrie is one of a handful of practitioners worldwide who has the knowledge and takes the time with each client to implement the diet safely.

Lisa Tschudi

Our son’s neurologist suggested the ketogenic diet for him at age three and referred us to Carrie. He is currently still on the diet at age ten. Carrie is very knowledgeable and helped us greatly decrease the amount of seizures he was having through the use of the diet. She gave us good ideas for recipes and food combinations. We are grateful to Carrie for getting us started.
Shelly Kalina- Medford, OR

She gave us hope when all our doctors had none. She had solutions for a broad range of deficiencies to reach full body health for our baby. She has been the most encouraging, knowledgeable and forward thinking professional on our health care team.
Monica- Beaverton, OR

Our son was diagnosed with epilepsy when he was 5 months old. We tried 7 different medications that all failed to stop his seizures, but drugged him to the point where he became emotionless, and wouldn’t even cry anymore. We were in and out of the hospital with cluster seizures of more than 50 per day. We tried the ketogenic diet with a team at the hospital and it didn’t seem to be working either. Our son wasn’t a candidate for brain surgery and he was too young for a VNS implant. We were told that “they were out of options”. Being “out of options” wasn’t an option for us. We sought out a second opinion for the ketogenic diet as we felt it was our only hope. That is when we found Carrie. Carrie requested lab work right away and found that our son was lacking a key amino acid. We started giving him this supplement along with a few tweaks to his diet and meal planning and his seizures became under control for the first time in 4 months. He was able to successfully wean off of 6 of the 7 medications and went an entire 9 months without a seizure. We are so thankful for the day Carrie came into our lives. She literally saved my son’s life and gave him a chance of a normal one. It is hard for us to look back to the pre-Carrie days, but it makes us remember how far our son has come and how grateful we are for Carrie’s dedication and expertise.
Sharon, Vancouver WA

Our son was diagnosed with severe myoclonic epilepsy as a baby of six months. Living with this condition was an on-going nightmare and continued into his teenage years. While the patterns and frequencies of the grand mal seizures would change, we would rarely go more than several weeks without having a seizure. For years we experienced many sleepless nights at home and in the ER with prolonged or multiple clusters of seizures. Throughout his entire life we sought both medical and alternative treatments through some of the best known neurologists and medical facilities to no avail. We were introduced to Carrie in 2010 by our primary care specialist in an effort to re-evaluate the benefits of the ketogenic diet. We had tried the diet “half-heartedly” several years back, but didn’t realize any benefit given the poor implementation.
Prior to starting the diet, Carrie performed a comprehensive analysis of our son’s diet, supplements, medications and recent test results. We were immediately impressed with the level of service, care and dedication Carrie demonstrated. Weeks before actually starting the diet, Carrie had been consulting with our primary care physician and made a recommendation to increase a specific supplement as it relates to 1 of the 3 seizure medications we were using. This change resulted in an immediate reduction in seizures. 17 months later, we have been (seizure-free). We have since started to slowly reduce our son’s seizure medication (and) experience an entirely new life. Carrie’s insight and experience with metabolic and dietary treatments is impressive and has far exceeded our expectations. her commitment to helping our son is an obvious reflection of her compassion to help families living with epilepsy. Thank you Carrie, thank you so very, very much.

Michael, San Jose CA

My name is Monika, I live in Sweden and because of Carrie I have got my son and my life back. My son Axel was diagnosed with Doose Syndrome (MAE) at the age of two. We went from having a healthy child who was even cognitively advanced to having a child that had about 20 seizures a day with all kind of seizures. At one point our morning routine was waking up to our Axel having Grand Mals that lasted 8 minutes even with Diastat. Our neurologists gave us very poor prognosis and prepared us for losing our son cognitively and handling having seizures every day.

My story with Carrie starts in February 2011 when I was crying and in panic called her from our hospital in Sweden. Our team at the hospital had just initiated the Ketogenic Diet and Axel´s response to the initialization was horrible. Axel suddenly had 100 seizures a day and was more or less constantly seizing. Axel could not walk nor talk. According to all the research I had done on the diet I found several things to be wrong with the hospital´s initialization of it. Axel was given way too many carbs and Carnitine etc. I tried to make myself heard but with little success. My world was literally falling apart. I was losing my son and felt things were not right. I knew Carrie existed through all the research I had made before. I knew she was considered the best dietician in the world when it came to the Ketogenic diet. I remembered having read stories from parents telling Carrie saved their children when no dietician or neurologist could.

There I was, a mother desperate to save my child and to be heard. It was from the hospital, with Axel constantly seizing in his hospital room, that I made the call from Sweden to USA. Right there and then Carrie started saving our lives! She calmed me down, witch I thought would be impossible, she confirmed my suspicion about all the things done wrong by the hospital. Carrie was so knowledgeable compared to our hospital´s dietician. She gave me the strength to stand up to our team and take full control over my son’s treatment.

From that day at the hospital I dedicate my sanity and my son´s great moments to Carrie. Her rare experience with the diet and her knowledge has been priceless. She helped us every step of the way. She helped us with all the tweaking of the diet and thought us how our son would best function on it. My Axel is 3,5 years old today. With Carries help he became seizure free after 3,5 months on the diet and now has a normal EEG. He is 8 months seizure free, right on track socially and his cognitive skills are back to being very good.

No one in the world really knows how the Ketogenic Diet works. It works, but the diet needs to be tweaked differently with every child. You can not only turn to science when it comes to knowing how to handle the diet. Therefore you need someone with experience who has seen it all, someone who has experience with many children on the diet and knows how every child can respond differently to different things. Our dietician in Sweden who has worked with the diet for ten years is not even close to having the expertise that Carrie has. Even through my darkest days I felt honored and grateful that Carrie was working with us.

Today I had a wonderful day with my Axel. We had a fantastic play date with his friend from kindergarten and then we spent the afternoon in the forest running around pretending we were knights. I thank Carrie for picking up the phone that day in February last year. I thank her for agreeing to help my Axel. I thank her for sharing her knowledge with us. I thank her for being my rock though this nightmare. I thank her for my wonderful day with my son today.

Monika Miheller, mother to Axel, from Sweden