Carrie is a leading dietitian specializing in management of the ketogenic diet. Her unique and effective methods often succeed when the diet was previously ineffective. Carrie has the knowledge and experience to analyze, individualize and fine-tune aspects of the ketogenic diet to unlock the treatment’s full potential.

Ketosis is a chronic state of hypoglycemia balanced with elevated blood ketone levels. Putting a body into ketosis is easy. Keeping the body in a healthy state of ketosis is more difficult and not well understood. It takes experience to interpret lab results, blood glucose and blood ketone levels along with growth parameters.

Many people experience signs of excess ketosis (ketoacidosis); anorexia, vomiting, lethargy, linear growth suppression, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, carnitine insufficiency, hyperlipidemia, severe hypoglycemia, hyperketonemia and osteoporosis. Her protocol eliminates the opportunity for ketosis to develop into ketoacidosis.

Carrie Loughran RD, LD, is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and licensed in Oregon. Carrie is a Ketogenic Diet specialist who developed the Ketocare protocol based on her more than 20 years of experience in endocrinology, neurology and feeding/eating disorders.

Since 1995, she has managed over 700 keto-families from around the world, applying her protocol to improve overall health, tolerance, growth, tumor reduction and seizure control in infants to the elderly. She has many patients that have stayed in ketosis for over 15 years and are doing well.

Carrie is available for a one time consultation or long-term as the primary dietitian. She offers many levels of care depending on needs. She is comfortable teaming with metabolic specialists, neurologists, oncologists, primary care physicians and naturopaths to manage your care. Carrie understands that every case is different and requires an individualized treatment plan.